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CNC Routing

Harborough Plastics use a double headed 3 axis CNC router with a large capacity 3mtr x 2mtr bed.

This enables them to carry out routing on all standard sizes of plastic sheets.

The precision of the router allows the operator to detect the scale of any possible manufacturing error. The computer can inspect a prototype and then alert the operator to the precise degree of expected changes in the routed product. The benefits of this precision are magnified by the potential for offline simulation of manufacturing processes. Without access to such precision, the manufacturer would not be able to use the creation of prototypes by the CNC router machine. Thanks to the precision of the router, the manufacturer can use the prototype to plan the needed strategy for an efficient full-scale production.

The router will easily handle the following materials:

•    Polycarbonate
•    Polypropylene
•    PETG 
•    Polyethylene
•    Acrylics
•    Pespex
•    PVC

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