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Plastic Fabrication

From designing and manufacturing a water tank to fit into an awkward corner on a boat to fabricating a large volume repeat order, Harborough Plastics fabricators will supply you with work finished to a very high standard.

The latest extrusion plastic welding technology has dramatically improved the strength of plastic welding.
Extrusion welding with polypropylene impressively produces a homogeneous weld, which supersedes European plastic welding EN standards - DVS2207 2208.
This improved technology makes it very easy to produce very large capacity water storage tanks.

With skilled staff boasting extensive experience in plastics welding, fabrication and manufacturing, Harborough Plastics will give you a high quality, fast turn-a-round service whether your requirement is for a 1 off bespoke item or a larger number production run.

Harborough Plastics have the capability to provide services in:

Line bending (up to 2metres)
Plastic welding Fusion and speed welding
Drape forming Large oven capacity
Polishing Flame polishing, buffing
Bonding Acrylics, PETG®, Polycarbonate        
Stress relieving

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